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Special Hospitality 1ST Newsletter Report
“Schools Of Hospitality”
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Information provided here furnished by staff personnel or faculty member of the representative schools listed. Listings presented are, as submitted. The listings are by no means inclusive. We appreciate those who do make the effort to contact us and are pleased to pass along their information.

University of Tennessee – Consumer and Industry Services Management – Knoxville, TN
The Service Management degree program uses a broadly based service orientation to prepare leaders for the service and information economy of the 21st century. Experimental and problem based learning approaches are integrated into the curriculum to develop students' critical thinking and decision-making skills. Degree options and directed internships allow students to gain sufficient specialization and professional experience to be immediately productive in entry level management positions in their fields.

Curriculum Components Include

  • service management core that focuses on leadership development, team building skills, customer satisfaction, and social responsibility;
  • discipline specific courses that focus on operations management and strategic planning;
  • business minor that includes coursework in marketing, statistics, management, finance, and accounting;
  • broad general education as provided by a comprehensive research university;
  • required work experience and internships.
Degree Options – Students Pursuing The Service Management Degree
Select One Of The Following Options
  • Hotel and Tourism Management focuses on those managerial skills that will enable students to meet the needs, wants, and demands of travelers in a global marketplace. Students are provided the personal, technical, and conceptual skills to become outstanding managers and leaders in the hospitality industry. Discipline specific courses include: Hotel Operations, Cost Control, Hospitality Computer Applications, Restaurant and Food Service Operations Management, Advanced Lodging Management, Strategic Hotel/Tourism Planning.
  • Restaurant and Food Service Management emphasizes acquiring those skills that are necessary to operate any type of food service activity and prepares our students to begin their careers at the managerial level. Discipline specific courses include: Restaurant and Food Service Operations Management; Cost Control; Food Quality; Food Safety; and Strategic Planning.
Nancy Fair, Ph.D., Department Head
Consumer and Industry Services Management
University of Tennessee
1215 W. Cumberland Avenue, JHB Room 230
Knoxville, TN  37996-1900
865-974-2141 Phone
865-974-5236 Fax

Hospitality Schools not included with our listing service may request submittal details by e-mail to : schools@hospitality-1st.com and a quick form will be returned via e-mail. Back to Index

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