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What Should You Expect From This Site?
Welcome: Appreciate the fact that you have taken the time to visit Hospitality 1ST. Let's begin with our promise – we will not waste your valuable time. This site minimizes any graphic intrusions – by specific design. You won't find a bunch of `whirl and twirl´ gimmicks, rotating banner ads or the burdensome `pop-ups´ that so many web sites (especially in the hospitality industry) have resorted to. If you are not interested with a straight-forward presentation, then we're just not for you.

Press & News Releases: We’ve fast become the most visited industry dedicated – news resource. More than 2.5-million page views (not hits - which is a misnomer) per month. Again, no intrusive advertising, only direct archived information which remains in plain view (no logins, ids or passwords required) for up to 60 days from the date of initial posting. Easy to use, easy to view and best of all – quick to access! Also, dozens of companies are taking advantage of our special emailed “Hospitality Industry Newsmaker Alerts”™ with a circulation exceeding 750,000 direct email impressions per month.

Schools: Simply put – we’re often called upon to direct hospitality career-minded students and those seeking the higher level of hospitality educational programs – beyond the traditional high school years. The resource currently lists one-hundred (130+) schools, from around the globe, each school listed providing pertinent departmental offerings, degrees and contact information.

Careers: One of every seven site visitors is interested in career opportunities. The industry is one of the most mobile there is – we invite you to see what employers are offering. Hospitality 1ST does not maintain any resume “bank” – we will however be happy to provide resume/career consultation, when requested, on a per situation fee basis. You may inquire below through our general contact information.

Stats: For those curious about who’s subscribing to our newsletter and a general overview of our web site visitation statistics. Normally updated every couple of weeks.

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Our E–Newsletter: Since November 1998 we've authored an email publication dedicated to Sales, Marketing, Public Relations and Web Site Development. It is e-delivered once a month, more than 122,740+ are subscribed, there is no cost and it is one of the most recognized information sources in the hospitality industry. Along with the newsletter, our industry-wide “Newsmaker Alert™” service is emailed every Tuesday. When subscribing to the newsletter you will also receive these alerts – there’s no other subscription option. Next newsletter issue: Nov. 29, 2023. Please subscribe here. We do not honor subscription requests from/to any "" email address.

SBHA: That stands for the Small Business Hospitality Association™, which is a relatively new entry into the associations world. It’s different, its purpose is marketing, exposure and networking. It is not about seminars, conferences, merchandise or inflated membership dues which are needed to offset excessive administrative salaries. Most search engines list `SBHA´ right near the top of their results pages. The ROI (return on investment) is unequaled. The current members invite your inspection.

ListServ: A private hospitality industry email messaging service – which does require a subscription – available at no cost. The ListServ acts as a conduit for discussion(s) among interested hospitality industry participants. It is moderated by Hospitality 1ST. Discussions and concerns are generally related to Sales, Marketing, Public Relations and Networking to the positive benefit of all concerned, some “outside” issues, like current events, are also welcomed. Referral opportunities are encouraged, blatant advertising will not be.

About Us: Self-explanatory. Meet Lou Taverna (the go-to guy) and see why Hospitality 1ST exists.

Privacy Policy: You are not tracked nor is any personal information collected "in the background" – if we need something – we'll ask. That's our privacy policy and we've lead the industry, by principled example, since 1998...

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