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What’s our mission and why is Hospitality 1ST here on the web, along with publishing a personally directed “Opt-In” E-mail Newsletter?

Follow this carefully – we’re hopeful you’ll get the message:

Define Hospitality
1. hos*pi*tal*i*ty (noun), plural -ties First appeared 14th Century : hospitable treatment, reception, or disposition hos*pi*ta*ble (adjective) First appeared circa 1570.
a : given to generous and cordial reception of guests
b : promising or suggesting generous and cordial welcome
c : offering a pleasant or sustaining environment
2 : readily receptive : OPEN ( to new ideas ) – hos*pi*ta*bly (adverb)

Giving Back To The Consumer
Over time, many in the hospitality industry have lost touch with the core “value” and reason we all hope to succeed, that is and always will be – to serve the customer. A long held premise, that is shared by many, is that we have forgotten our “guest.” We all are customers/guests at one time or another and we ask of no less when it is us that’s being served.
Lou Taverna - Hospitality 1ST - Cape Coral, FL & Rome, NYDevelop Mutual Interests and Better Business Practices
To lead by example and help create and foster new business ideas, marketing  concepts, loyalty programs, educational formats – along with having the business resolve to better communicate these ideas amongst our peers, whether they be a “business  partner”, “sponsor” or “competitor” – all the while remembering the guest.

Make A Fair Profit
This is, without question, a for-profit entity. Services are available to individuals, sales teams, organizations and others sincerely interested in expanding their reach, profitability and recognition. Naturally your inquiry is welcome. There are  plenty of reasonably priced options and services to avail yourself of.

“Thanks for visiting, participating and supporting our endeavors here...” E-Mail: Lou Taverna

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