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“Schools Of Hospitality”
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Information provided here furnished by staff personnel or faculty member of the representative schools listed. Listings presented are, as submitted. The listings are by no means inclusive. We appreciate those who do make the effort to contact us and are pleased to pass along their information.

University of Colorado at Boulder – Tourism Management Program – Boulder, CO
The Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado at Boulder offers a Tourism Management Application Area within its bachelor’s level degree program. The tourism academic program is closely affiliated with the university’s Center for Sustainable Tourism and the College of Arts and Sciences Environmental Studies Program. The tourism faculty hold outstanding credentials in research, teaching, and industry-community relations with the co-editors of the Journal of Travel Research both being resident faculty.

Tourism businesses range from small entrepreneurial firms to major international corporations and face the same management, marketing, financial, and information technology challenges faced by firms in other industries. Additionally, tourism businesses also face a number of unique challenges, including seasonal demand, an intangible and perishable product, and protection of the tourism natural and socio-cultural environment. The tourism management application teaches students to apply their business area of emphasis to the management of tourism environments and businesses including resorts, airlines, convention centers, public lands, and recreation attractions and services. Special emphasis in the program is placed on sustainable practices in the planning, development and management of tourism.

The Tourism Management Program combines knowledge in tourism with fundamental business skills to prepare students for the management and operation of tourism attractions, travel service businesses, and private and government organizations devoted to tourism industry development. Students are strongly encouraged to pursue both work experience and an internship in tourism while completing their degree.

The Center for Sustainable Tourism is the management unit for research and community service in tourism for the University of Colorado at Boulder campus. The Center is a place where students, faculty, tourism industry representatives, community leaders and government officials, committed to the intelligent and orderly growth of tourism, come together to share their thoughts, concerns, ideas, research and solutions. It provides a forum for the assessment of economic, social, cultural and environmental implications of the tourism industry as well as for the designing, facilitating and planning for sustainable tourism development. The Center houses the world’s largest on-line searchable database in sustainable tourism and is linked here.

Professor Patrick Long, Program Coordinator
Tourism Management Program
Leeds School of Business
University of Colorado
Boulder, CO 80309-0419

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