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“Schools Of Hospitality”
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Information provided here furnished by staff personnel or faculty member of the representative schools listed. Listings presented are, as submitted. The listings are by no means inclusive. We appreciate those who do make the effort to contact us and are pleased to pass along their information.

School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University – Ithaca, NY
Today's School of Hotel Administration is the most sophisticated service-oriented management school in the world. The Hotel School is home to 850 undergraduates from the United States and 42 countries, 120 graduate students (master's and Ph.D. degrees), and more than 1,700 industry professionals from 90 countries enrolled in executive education. Each year about 250 industry leaders visit Cornell to lecture, confer, and offer guidance to our students. More than 100 hospitality companies recruit our students for full-time and summer employment. With 60 full-time teaching faculty, the Cornell Hotel School has the world's largest group of scholars focused on hospitality service-oriented management. As a result of our industry outreach and partnerships, the Hotel School is the hospitality industry's “think tank.” The Hotel School and the modern 150-room Statler Hotel and Conference Center (a teaching hotel) are located in the heart of Cornell University's beautiful Ivy League.

Hotel School History and Programs
Founded in 1922 at the request of several of the nation's leading hotel magnates and the American Hotel Association, the school has an intriguing history. The founders wanted to create a first-rate academic institution providing a field of study for the "science" of running hotels and restaurants. In 1973, the first master's degree program for the industry, an M.B.A. with hospitality focus, was offered at the Cornell Hotel School. This program was created to address the growing complexity for senior managers in the industry that could best be supported by a graduate degree program as well as expanded executive courses taught by faculty with the credentials appropriate for graduate and executive education. Many graduates of the Hotel School have gone on to become entrepreneurs who have created new companies and new services for the hospitality industry.

The Cornell Hotel School is delivering the education and interacting with industry leaders to ensure that the fast-paced and ever-changing opportunities of the hospitality industry are led by first-rate management experts who have a passion for the industry and a strategic understanding of how to manage their companies and provide service to the people.

For more information about us please see: www.hotelschool.cornell.edu.

Hospitality Schools not included with our listing service may request submittal details by e-mail to : schools@hospitality-1st.com and a quick form will be returned via e-mail. Back to Index

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