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Special Hospitality 1ST Newsletter Report
“Schools Of Hospitality”
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Information provided here furnished by staff personnel or faculty member of the representative schools listed. Listings presented are, as submitted. The listings are by no means inclusive. We appreciate those who do make the effort to contact us and are pleased to pass along their information.

Boston University – School of Hospitality Administration – Boston, MA
Our program is designed to prepare students for management positions in the hospitality industry. In conjunction with your hospitality courses, you will take a variety of challenging liberal arts and management courses to develop a well-rounded education. You will exercise your capacity for critical thinking, clear expression (often in more than one language), and problem-solving – all essential skills for success in the business world.

Beyond the classroom, you will accumulate at least eight hundred hours of field experience in two separate work assignments. Based on an average workday (although in hospitality, there are no "average" workdays!), those two experiences equal more than six months of résumé-enhancing field experience. In fact, most students average 2,000 hours of work experience by the time they graduate – nearly a full year of on-the-job training. Other hands-on opportunities are plentiful and varied: internships in London, Paris, Sydney, and other international cities, as well as in Boston and throughout the United States; learning directly from top-tier professionals through programs such as the mentor program; an aggressive Career Services Office; and special short project assignments available through School job postings.

The University
Boston University combines an unwavering commitment to distinguished and innovative teaching with extraordinary access to academic and pre-professional opportunities. Virtually every subject in higher education is available to you. And your classmates will represent all fifty states and more than 135 countries, exposing you to an astonishing variety of cultures and backgrounds.

The City 
As a student at the School of Hospitality Administration, you are also a student of the city of Boston. One of the world's great urban centers, Boston boasts, at last count, 1,000 restaurants and 100 hotels. A thriving cultural center and the birthplace of the American Revolution, Boston draws visitors from around the globe who sample its sights, sounds, and flavors. Business professionals also flock to Boston, a center for high technology, medicine, education, and other industries.

James T. Stamas, Dean
Boston University
School of Hospitality Administration

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