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“Schools Of Hospitality”
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Information provided here furnished by staff personnel or faculty member of the representative schools listed. Listings presented are, as submitted. The listings are by no means inclusive. We appreciate those who do make the effort to contact us and are pleased to pass along their information.

Academy Of Travel And Tourism – New York, NY

The Academy of Travel and Tourism (AOTT) works to educate our city’s high school students in the travel industry, supplying them with industry specific knowledge and job-readiness skills. They enter the post-high school world savvy to the world of work. Lita Balram, Class of 1992 and currently a Marketing Analyst with American Express Corporate Services, credits the AOTT program with “opening a window to world of opportunities I didn’t know were out there.” The program also allows students to experience the travel industry through guest speakers, conferences and a paid summer internship. In New York City, we are a partnership between the Board of Education of the City of New York, the National Academy Foundation (NAF) and the travel and tourism businesses of our city. The NAF website is: www.nafnetwork.net.

New York is the birthplace of AOTT, opening the first Academy in 1987 at Richmond Hill High School in Queens. We are currently in 12 high schools representing all five boroughs. We serve approximately 700 students.  Traditionally, Academy students have taken either one, two or three travel and tourism courses during their junior and senior years.  The Academy of Travel & Tourism is a two to four year program designed to expose students to the travel industry as a whole, to identify possible career paths, to teach economic and social concepts related to travel and tourism and to familiarize students with industry systems and procedures. They also have the opportunity to take a travel-related college course in their senior year.  Upon graduation, approximately 90% of the students attend college intending to study related majors.

Our Advisory Board members in New York City include, among others, representatives of American Express, United Airlines, Loews Hotels, the Sherry Netherland Hotel, the New York Hotel Association, Apollo, Miller Freeman, USA Today, Grayline Tours, Warren/Kremer/CMP Advertising,  PricewaterhouseCoopers,  ATME, GIANTS, Bunny Grossinger Enterprises, NYC & Co., Kingsborough Community College, The Reed Travel Group, National Academy Foundation and the NYC Board of Education.

For further information, please call Regina Flannery, Director NYC AOTT, at 212-968-2075 or email at rflannery@naf-network.net.

Hospitality Schools not included with our listing service may request submittal details by e-mail to : schools@hospitality-1st.com and a quick form will be returned via e-mail. Back to Index

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